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Company History

  • The Piccaver family have been farming in South Lincolnshire for 100 years
  • The late Major John E. Piccaver (Jepco) bought Norfolk House Farm, 140 acres + 5 houses for £149/acre in 1946
  • The Edwards family have been farming in Essex for 3 generations and as a result, Anglia Salads was incorporated in 2001
  • The late David Piccaver joined the farm in 1965, family land base was 350 acres, by 2009 David had expanded to 2250 acres. Salads started in 1988.
  • In the 1990’s Iceberg enterprise expanded, trialled and developed continental leaf salads at J.E. Piccaver.
  • In 1996 David’s son Stuart joined the business.
  • Early 2000’s Iceberg was reduced and J.E. Piccaver focussed on salads only. Predominantly Continental Leaf.
  • 5th March 2003 Jepco (Marketing) Ltd. incorporated.
  • In Essex in early 2000’s, Continental Leaf developed specialising in chicory.
  • 2008 shareholder agreement with Anglia Salads selling as Jepco (Marketing) Ltd. This joined two companies together with similar cropping and ethos’ allowing us to remain competitive
  • Now – highly focussed continental leaf salad producer with operations in Lincs,Suffolk,Essex growing 700ha of salad crops

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Jepco Marketing

Incorporating the winter oats and breaking up field compaction with spading machine.

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