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Lettuce types

apollo Apollo

A highly incised 3D leaf available in a light or dark green colour. This universal leaf has excellent versatility and shelf life.

Cos (romaine)

This leaf is the foundation of the ‘Caesar Salad’, sweet tasting and with a crispy bite. The heads of lettuce can be supplied as either open or hearted.

green midi cos Green Midi Cos (romaine)

The shorter cousin of the Cos, these heads have a length of 20cm and offered as a hearted head. The internal leaves are very sweet and crunchy similar to a little gem lettuce but with more size.

red midi cos Red Midi Cos

A heart of tender red leaves with a bright green centre

cos romaine hearts Romaine Hearts

A compact hearted product of sweet crunchy leaves

iceberg Iceberg

Offered as either Fluffy (loose fill), Universal or Shred (compact fill) depending on end use. This crispy leaf is the perfect partner whether in a salad or a burger.

Green Batavia

Perhaps the sweetest of all the lettuce family, these leaves are full of flavour with a crisp texture. Perfect as part of a salad or as a filling in a sandwich.

red batavia  

Red Batavia

Large filly leaves with a deep red colour

Lollo Rossa

A non-heading lettuce of attractive curly red leaves which contrast against a lighter green centre. Available in two shades of red, the lighter ‘double red’ or the deeper ‘triple red’.

Green Oak Leaf

These leaves have the characteristic lobbed shape of a leaf from our native Oak tree and are both attractive and tasty. Perfect in a summer salad or accompanying a main dish as a garnish

red oak leaf Red Oak Leaf

A characteristic lobbed shape leaf (as the native Oak tree), that is both attractive and tasty. Perfect in a summer salad or accompanying a main dish as a garnish.

Multi Leaf Lettuces

Multi Green Batavia Multi Green Batavia

A Multileaf lettuce consisting of numerous uniform leaves. Food preparation is easy, a single cut to remove the base reveals the numerous leaves, the small cut surface ensuring excellent shelf life

Multi Red Batavia Multi Red Batavia

Rounded leaves that are dark shiny red with a vibrant contrasting green centre.


Multi Red Oak

Small lobbed leaves which require no further preparation.


Multi Green Oak Leaf Multi Green Oak

These smaller leaves still retain the shape and texture of the traditional Oak, but the size makes them ideal for both salad bags and bowls without further preparation.

Multi Green Salanova Multi Green Salanova

A distinct soft green leaf with a buttery texture. The small leaf requires no further preparation.

Multi Red Salanova

A distinct soft red leaf with a buttery texture. The small leaf requires no further preparation.

Multi Red Coral


Multi Red Coral

A highly incised leaf with a fine structure and small cut surface.

Multi Red Rossa

Frilly red leaves that are narrower than the traditional Lollo Rossa


Coarse Endive

This member of the chicory family has long and strappy leaves with a distinct bitter taste that will liven up any salad.

Fine Endive

These heads of chicory offer fine delicate leaves which are blanched in the centre contrasting against the darker leaf margins.


A member of the chicory family producing large fleshy leaves, heads of escarole can weigh in excess of 1kg. The chopped leaves offering volume to the prepared salad bag.


A chicory that produces a head of red leaves with white markings, providing a distinct contrast of colours to any salad

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