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Baby Leaf

JEPCO provide a wide range of conventional and organic baby leaves to the Manufacturing, Retail, Foodservice and Wholesale sectors. From our farms in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Essex and in conjunction with our growing partners in Europe we  offer a full 52 week supply in a variety of formats, including bulk, catering packs, large and small retail packs.

Baby Spinach

The most widely used Baby Leaf of all, luscious, nutritious and tender oval green leaves.

Pea Tops

Sweet aromatic and beautifully tender, our pea tops are grown in the UK throughout the year.

Wasabi Rocket

A soft, rounded leaf with a heavy hint of horseradish.


This soft, green, elliptical leaf delivers an unexpected burst of zingy lemon.

Curly Ice

A lustrous, mild flavoured, crispy, green leaf with a frilly edge and exceptional shelf-life.

Bulls Blood

A spoon-shaped leaf with a deep red colour and a distinctive earthy flavour.

Red Chard

A bright green leaf with a distinctive red vein and a full earthy flavour.


A dark green spoon-shaped, succulent round leaf with a mild mustard flavour.

Pak Choi

A lush, glossy ovoid leaf with a mild cabbage flavour.

Baby Kale

A full flavoured frilly baby brassica leaf, packed full of nutrients, available in either green or red.


Also known as Japanese Mustard Plant, Mizuna is available in either green or red, the leaves have a serrated edge with a mild mustard flavour.

Green Mustard

A mild mustard flavoured and pungent leaf with frilled edges, available in either red or green.


A dark green rosette of glossy, succulent leaves with a hot and peppery taste that offers an excellent alternative to watercress.

Baby Lettuce

Delicately flavoured with textures ranging from soft to crisp, this group of baby leaves is vibrant, juicy and available in either green or red.

Wild Rocket

A highly popular, dark green, heavily incised peppery leaf.

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