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Our Services

As a trusted supplier working tirelessly to simplify the supply chain for our customers, JEPCO offers a suite of services that bring convenience, reliability and innovation to the fore.
For more than 70 years, J E Piccaver & Co. have been synonymous with innovation, excellence and value.
Below are a number of the services that we offer, if we can help you with anything, please get in touch

Growing Solutions

As the speed of daily life increases, the expectation of consumers and subsequently customers is ever growing. 
At JEPCO we have developed a number of innovative solutions that help to meet both immediate and future needs.
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Sales & Marketing

With established relationships in the manufacturing, retail, foodservice and wholesale channels, JEPCO can tailor a sales and marketing package to meet your needs, including a full concept-to-launch service in either own-label or brand.

The Wall of Ideas


With a real depth and breadth of experience across multiple categories, our team at JEPCO are able to source and deliver your raw material requirements, from Baby Leaves to Banana Leaves, from Lettuces to Lemons and from Salad Onions to Sharon Fruit. No challenge is too big and no order is too small. Get in touch by clicking the button below.



JEPCO have developed a small, efficient and  cost effective cross-docking service; coupled with our ability to consolidate and deliver to chilled food manufacturers, retail hubs, foodservice distributors and wholesalers in the UK, our logistics department continues to grow.
If there is anything that we can help you with, please get in touch by clicking the button below.

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