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Making a positive difference

At JEPCO we take our stewardship responsibilities very seriously and work continuously to improve the ecosystem. We have 127 acres dedicated to two schemes that include reed bed recreation, new woodlands, pollen and nectar mixes and buffer strips for watercourses.

Currently, we provide a safe haven for a number of Red Listed birds, including the Cuckoo, Curlew, Mistle Thrush, Kingfisher, Yellow Hammer and Spotted Flycatcher; we also have a number of breeding raptors and 35 owl boxes amongst our carefully managed woodlands.

Water is a very precious resource and at JEPCO we make every effort to capture and conserve all that we can. By harvesting rainfall, employing seepage systems and developing cutting edge technologies, such as hydroponic growing, we greatly reduce our impact on the environment.

Several environmental awards have been won by JEPCO including:

          Silver Lapwing Award

          AW  Water Management Award

          Lincolnshire Environmental Award

          Waitrose Demonstration Farm - Biodiversity

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