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Continental Leaf

JEPCO provide a wide range of continental leaves to the Manufacturing, Retail, Foodservice and Wholesale sectors. From our farms in Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Essex and in conjunction with our growing partners in Europe we  offer a full 52 week supply


Grown and packed for both the domestic and export markets, this crisp and juicy classic can be provided in a number of formats, including whole, de-cored, loose and wrapped.


Grown specifically for the manufacturing, retail, foodservice and export markets, this slender, crunchy staple is available throughout the year.


This super-versatile, one-cut incised leaf, available in green, red and blonde, is a favourite with manufacturers and foodservice customers and is our best seller.


With its broad, green, smooth leaves, this slightly bitter member of the chicory family, produces large heads, making it ideal for the manufacturing and foodservice sectors.

Coarse Endive

A mildly bitter, feathery leafed chicory, also known as Frisée is widely used by manufacturers and foodservice providers due to ts 52 week availability.

Green Batavia

A great eating, curly and sweet lettuce with a slightly bubbly leaf texture, extensively used in the foodservice and manufacturing sectors. Red Batavia is also available upon request.


An easily processed, high yielding selection of "one-cut" ready, red, green and blonde leaf types, including Apollo, Batavia, Lollo Rosso, Oakleaf, Lollo Biondi and Romaine,  that taste fantastic and offer real convenience.


A superior eating product, enjoying the optimum qualities of both Apollo and Green Batavia, this hugely versatile, "one-cut" leaf type is available from both our UK and European growing operations.

Lollo Rosso

The "Original Red Leaf", ideal for foodservice, manufacturing and retailers, it adds volume, colour and a soft mouth feel to salads.


A vibrant red and white, bitter tasting member of the chicory family. Grown in Lincolnshire between July and January and imported from Italy from February to June, JEPCO are a primary supplier to all sectors.


Available in either red or green, this lobed, soft and highly decorative leaf is widely used in the foodservice sector and is making a steady resurgence in the wholehead market.

Lollo Biondi

This blonde companion leaf to Lollo Rosso, delivering all of the same great attributes as its sister,  is a real favourite with chefs, sandwich makers and bagged salad producers year round.


Exclusive to JEPCO in the UK, Creole has small, sweet, crunchy, easily prepared boat shaped leaves ideal for filling and dipping. A great retail line that offers real convenience for the consumer. Available in multiple formats.

Sweet Gem

A mid-sized gem type lettuce with a sweet and crisp leaf, sometimes referred to as Midi-Cos, this product is ideal for retail solo and twin-pack lines. Available in multiple formats.


A larger, more delicate leaf than its cousin Creole, Cosberg is a sweet and crunchy lettuce that offers an alternative to Iceberg. Ideal for retail, manufacturing and foodservice. Available in multiple formats.



Grown as both a midi and full sized lettuce this red crunchy leaf is primarily used in retail solo and twin packs, the smaller midi often being twinned with a Sweet Gem. Available in multiple formats.


Available in either red or green, these soft-eating, round leaf lettuces are "one-cut" ready, with each head producing a high volume of uniform leaves, making it ideal for manufacturing and foodservice.

Red Chinese

New to the UK, this eye-catching bright red and silver-violet product, with its distinctive peppery flavour, delivers fabulous depth and vibrancy. Ideal for bags, bowls and trays, it is tipped to become a favourite with manufacturers and foodservice providers.

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