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A fantastic alternative to the bagged salad, available from the UK 52 weeks of the year.

It's fresh, it has great shelf-life, it tastes fantastic and it is incredibly convenient; create a "One-Cut-Ready" salad or just take what you need and put it back in the fridge.

Given an occasional water and kept in a cool place your Living Tenderleaves will last for up to two weeks. If you can resist eating it!!

The fantastic, plastic-free packaging, is made from recycled cardboard  and cellulose film. Cellulose is a biodegradable and compostable material made from wood-pulp. The boxes are classed as ‘Paper & Board’ under the UK Packaging Waste Regulations.

Grown hydroponically, Living Tenderleaves brings great benefits for us all, with a reduction in water usage, up to a 90% saving vs. conventional outdoor growing methods, no herbicides required, no need to use agricultural fleece, significantly reducing the use of plastics in salad production, the ability to use more natural bio-controls, greatly reducing reliance on synthesized pest control and reducing food waste through better shelf-life and crop utilisation


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We were honored when they told us


We were honored when they told us


Norfolk House Farm

Gedney Marsh


PE12 9PB, UK

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